ZenDock – The best dock for your Macbook

The ZenDock is a very unique product. It is currently being Kickstarter funded. It is an elegant device that makes plugging in peripherals to your MacBook much more visually appealing!

It is essentially an extension cord to access your ports but with an awesome twist! It is a unit that plugs into the side of your Mac, filling in all of the external ports (there is a specific ZenDock model for each current MacBook model) and a cord routes away to the side to another unit where you are given access to the same ports to plug in your USB, Thunderbolt and FireWire devices.

Now, the ZenDock doesn’t include all the ports on some models. For example, the 17 inch MacBook Pro has 3 USB ports. Making a ZenDock specifically for this model, especially since it is discontinued, isn’t necessary. Instead, a 17 inch MacBook Pro owner would purchase a ZenDock for 15 inch MacBook Pro. The benefit is that because the ZenDock is so precise, it does not block any ports that it doesn’t use. That means you can still use your SD card, audio line in, and out (and third USB port on 17 inch MacBook Pros). The base for plugging in your devices is also mountable via screws or velcro. This is good so you can mount it to the side of your desk, your wall, etc for hidden convenience! If you so choose to keep the dock end on top of your workspace, it is made with a non-slip rubber bottom so it isn’t sliding across your desk.

For more information, you can visit the Kickstarter fund page here or the official ZenDock website here

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