Trident Aegis Series iPhone Case Review

Firstly, I would like to thank Mobile Fun for sending this out for review. You can purchase this product for $25.50 here.

For those who don’t know about Mobile Fun, they are a company with an enormous inventory. They have countless phone accessories and specifically, a lot of iPhone 5 cases!


The Trident Aegis case is a 2 piece case and provides a great amount of protection to your iPhone while still keeping a lightweight feel. The inner shell is comprised of a silicone/rubber material. This fits snug around your iPhone 5. There are flaps covering the headphone jack, charging port and vibrate switch. There is a nice circular cutout for the Apple logo on the back as well as covered buttons for the sleep, home and vibrate buttons. The second part of the case is a hard plastic exterior which holds the silicone tight. There are various cutouts in the hard plastic to allow for easy access to the silicone flap. Included with the case is a screen protector and microfiber cloth.

The case does a very good job protecting your device. The silicone layer has raised lines to help absorb shock should your device take impact. The silicone also comes around the front edge providing a lay on the table design allowing you to place your phone screen down and not damage your screen. The camera cutout on the back is a perfect fit and the flash does not have any issues.

Overall, for the price of $25, I would say it is on e of the better cases in that price range!

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