Still in the US! Massive Piracy Crackdown

This week the major ISPs over there will start getting data from a copyright-infringement monitoring center, and implement a ‘six strikes’ nastygrams-to-who-knows-what anti-piracy strategy against their customers. (“No-one’s expressly ruled in cutting off internet access, but no-one’s ruling it out altogether either” is how the article puts it.)

Since the data is coming from computers monitoring what IP addresses are torrenting pirated works, I wonder when people will start spoofing the IPs of people they don’t like on embarassing-content torrents…

“You don’t need to spoof a TCP connection to register a spoofed IP address on a tracker. The tracker GET request has an optional `ip` field, the contents of which is registered as the client’s address”

Compare this to /good/ forensics, which is by and large an awesome field: one of the few in security that’s primarily useful for holding evildoers accountable, while inherently minimizing intrusion into the lives of the innocent.

“As Americans settle in for the Thanksgiving weekend of food and family, filesharing traffic traditionally shows a modest rise. But those downloading content may look back on this holiday as the last golden weekend of piracy if the major ISPs have anything to do with it.

Next week AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon will be signing up to a monitoring system run by the Center for Copyright Information (CCI). This organization will check for the IP addresses engaged in peer to peer or torrent downloading of copyrighted material and alert ISPs.

The system ISPs subscribe to uses a six strikes policy of piracy warnings, but it’s up to each provider how they handle them. The first couple of notifications sent out via the CCI and will warn customers that an allegation of piracy has been made and that they should be aware of this. The hope is that someone’s precious little snowflake will get a talking to once parents get an email from their ISP.

At the third or fourth notification to ISPs using the CCI system customers will be asked to acknowledge the receipt of the warnings (which will help in any subsequent legal case), but after that things get more serious. Verizon favors throttling bandwidth temporarily for the fifth or sixth offence, while Time Warner and AT&T will introduce an education page on copyright ownership before taking further measures.

All parties freely acknowledge that this system will only catch the unskilled pirate. Users of TOR and VPN services may well escape detection and streaming services don’t seem to be picked up by the system. But the CCI representatives say they hope it’ll put a dent in the culture of piracy that has become so accepted in some circles.

No-one’s expressly ruled in cutting off internet access, but no-one’s ruling it out altogether either. Legal action against persistent offenders is also an option, but there will be a right of appeal for piracy alerts. What does seem clear is that the media industry is looking to move away from a legislative approach against individual offenders towards working with the ISPs to deal with the problem at source.”

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2 Responses

  1. Zen Punk says:

    proxies it is!

  2. While the US government is always looking on China when it comes to piracy, it shouldn’t also forget that there are many home grown pirates that make millions of money every year.