SmarterStand for iPhone and iPod Touch

This past week I have been using the SmarterStand for iPhone and iPod Touch. It is essentially a small piece of TPU, shaped to be an amazing earbuds (notably works best with EarPods) wrapper and iPhone/iPod Touch stand.

To use it, you slide in the 3.5mm headphone jack and plug it into you devices headphone jack and the connection (3.5mm jack into the iPhone/iPod Touch) is the axel for the stand. Then, place it on a table and you can proceed to watch videos. It isn’t sturdy enough to play most games because it is a flexible TPU material. Just take note of that before you try playing Bike Race and losing to your friends!

As an EarPods wrapper, I am absolutely amazed! It is about the width and thickness of the Apple EarPods container but much more compact as there is no wasted space filling out the rest of the container. It is much easier to unravel your EarPods as you simply grip the buds part and drop the SmarterStand and watch it unravel.

Overall, this is an amazing little unit and is well worth backing on Kickstarter while the campaign is still live! The campaign ends in 7 days on April 12th. My video review is live here.

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