BlueLounge Milo Stand

Firstly, I would like to thank Mobile Fun for sending this out for review. You can purchase this product for $19 here.

For those who don’t know about Mobile Fun, they are a company with an enormous inventory. They have countless phone accessories and specifically, a lot of iPhone 5 stands!

The BueLounge Milo stand is one of the most unique stand I have ever seen and used. It has one extremely distinctive feature that makes me want to buy it over any other smartphone stand. The base of the stand and the part the your iPhone rests on are lined with a micro suction surface. It looks normal, and feels a bit tacky, but once you give it a firm press to a desk, it’s secure for a long time. When I received the stand in the mail, I used it for a day or two testing it, and ‘learning’ about it, and then I mounted it upside down from a shelf and it’s still there! With my old iPod Touch in place, a whole week later! That’s an immediate head-turner. So in terms of functionality, I give this stand 10/10.

So the Milo well exceeds functionality. But how does it look? It has an elegant, minimal design too! Double win; a stand that looks and performs outstandingly! There are multiple color combinations you can get as well. The rubber lip and the device mount area come in black or white, and the bent part comes in black or white plastic, as well as brushed aluminum to match your Mac. Unfortunately, Mobile Fun does not currently sell the aluminum model as it is still fairly new. If you are wondering about build quality of aluminum vs plastic, rest assured, the plastic is amazing quality. If you are deciding about buying a Milo from Mobile Fun and are debating about waiting for aluminum or buying plastic now, they are not terribly different in terms of stability but obviously, the aluminum will last longer and will be able to take more damage before breaking than the plastic.

To conclude, this my all time favorite when it comes to smartphone stands and I would highly recommend purchasing, especially if you don’t have a stand yet!

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